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Sometimes, the place of economic analysis comes into play with IP litigation. It could concern issues of licensing disagreements,  patent disputes, customer problems and profit losses. 

 The vitality of these issues are evident in the value they hold when it comes to running a brand. Thus, it is imperative that the right witness be chosen when cases like these arise.  

The following reputation management specialists are poised as some of the best reputation expert witnesses you will find out there.

Nick Collins

Nick is a longstanding internet entrepreneur and owner of Restaurant reputations. He founded the company in 2001 and has gone on to become a tycoon when it comes to reputation management and witnessing. 

Also, Nick's niche is fixing traditional search issues on Google and Yelp. He helps startups stand upright, designs potent marketing strategies and provides emergency PR services..

Michael Garcia

Michael Garcia is a veteran online reputation management expert. He understands that ORM is the reactive or proactive way to chiseling the public’s perception of your personality or business. He specially focuses on the way a person or business appears on the 1st page when searched for on Google.

He is not just an online  reputation expert manager, he functions well as a reputation expert witness.

 Dan Sorensen

Dan Sorensen is a certified online reputation management authority. He has worked with different companies and individuals affected with online reputation problems. And in each case, he has succeeded in helping them out of it. 

Thus, it wouldn't be out of place to regard Dan Soresen as adept in the field. And his ability to fill in as an expert witness is under no doubt.  

Besides his expertise as an online reputation manager, Dan has over 25 years of experience in corporate PR and marketing. And he has over the years worked with major software companies and advertising agencies. 

Krishan Kant Upadhyay

Krishan Kant Upadhyay has sensational experience in providing individuals and brands with a flawless name and reputation on the internet. 

Knowing that the internet is the first impression of people for research, he works hard to shape what they find there.  Because, it is from the internet that assumptions are made and assertions are developed. 

Thus, Kant ensures bad reviews alongside negative feedback about his personality clients and corporate brand clients, are  discarded.

Krishan Kant has a strong history of saving the smeared and sinking online reputation of clients who assumed they could redeem their reputation. They end up not oy redeeming their reputation, but also go on to thrice beyond measures on the internet space where they were initially dragged. 

With his dexterity at handling Online Reputation Management projects, he fits very well as an expert witness in the f8eld too.  

Anthony Will

Anthony Will is another  sensational reputation management specialist. He is the CEO of different companies that handle reputational issues encountered by persons and businesses in this virtual age.   

The veteran reputation management expert owns an office in  Denver, and has built an empire of phenomenal experts to tread his paths as a delectable reputation manager.  His great status in online reputation management surely means he is a great gift as an online reputation expert witness. 

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Leading Reputation Expert Witness
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